Melbourne Newborn photographer

Newborn Photographer Melbourne

From the first year Nazia Chand started as a professional photographer, her calling has been to photograph newborns. Ask around in her circle of family and friends and all will reaffirm how her face lights up when she is near a newborn or how she loves to talking about her little squishy clients. Nazia was very highly sought after in Auckland before relocating to Melbourne and after taking a break of two year to spend time with family has relaunched her newborn photography studio in Melbourne, Australia. Her eye for detail, drama and timeless imagery has won her many prestigious awards both in New Zealand and Australia.

Those precious newborn days are so precious and fleeting with your baby growing so quickly, it is imperative to capture this fresh newborn stage as soon as you possibly can. As a professional newborn photographer, Nazia recommends that your newborn baby be photographed while they are still under 12 days of age. The earlier, the better as they remain very sleepy and curled up during the very first few days of being out of the womb. After the 12 days mark, the newborn is less sleepy and more aware making them harder to pose. However, Nazia is always happy to accommodate newborns for up to 6 weeks of age as sometimes life can take an unpredicted course or you happen to visit this site after your baby is born.

To book your newborn photography session, your due date will be marked into the calendar and then an actual date and time is confirmed upon arrival of your newborn. As a professional newborn photographer, Nazia aspires to create stunning art to grace your walls and to be enjoyed by your family for generations. Newborn sessions are currently held at my in-home studio in Pakenham whilst a new studio is being built in Berwick. Sessions can last up to 2-3 hours depending as Nazia won’t rush at all and simply follow baby’s lead. As Nazia photographs newborns in their natural state, you ill not have to worry about clothing. During a newborn session, a lot of time will be spent simply soothing and snuggling your little one. The comfort of parents are important as are the needs of the baby to be fed, cleaned, cuddled and cooed therefore allow lots of time for those perfect images that will become a family heirloom.

If you would like to go ahead and book a Melbourne newborn photography session or have any questions, please contact us via the Contact tab and we will be in touch with you shortly.