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Baby Flynn | Auckland Lifestyle and Newborn Photographer

The resilience of babies and their spirit to survive is truly nature’s marvel. My own personal experience was at the birth of my youngest child five years ago when he was admitted to NICU for respiratory problems.

Baby Flynn was diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis during the 5 month scan. It presents  abnormal narrowing of the aortic valve and meant he would need corrective surgery  in Auckland soon after birth. I met his parents, Kirsten and Mick for coffee a few days after they moved to Auckland’s Ronald McDonald house  from Christchurch in preparation for the arrival of their wee one. I was truly amazed at how composed, affable  and easy going the firs time parents-to-be were and was looking forward to the shoot! We decided a portrait session after his birth but prior to surgery would be the perfect moment to capture him as a tiny newborn.

Walking into Auckland Starship Hospital, I was expecting to see lines and wires attached to Flynn. To my utter delight, he was lying on the cot, in a stunning wrap, in sweet gentle slumber. I was told he was doing amazingly well even after all his tubes were removed and growing bigger and stronger every day which was important for his surgery. It was an amazingly easy session and darling Flynn was calm and relaxed all throughout. Half way through the shoot, we were interrupted with the news that Flynn was booked in for surgery the following week. As scary as it appears to imagine surgery on such a tiny, precious life,  I understood the wave of relief that went through the room.

Flynn underwent open heart procedure on 11th June. His parents have shared that it has gone fantastically well and they have now returned back home with their little miracle. His favourite thing to do at home: getting lots of cuddles!

All the best to Kirsten and Mick and thank you for choosing me to photograph your special boy for you!


A baby is a little bit of heaven on Earth.

~ Author Unknown


Flynn Auckland Newborn PhotographyAuckland Newborn Photographer
Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer
Auckland Newborn PhotographerAuckland Newborn Photographer
Auckland Newborn Photographer


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Flynn Auckland newborn photography, by Nazia C. Photography, of Auckland, New Zealand